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Get cash rewards by  referring Korridor to friends and other businesses.

How it Works

Complete the referral form

We qualify your lead

Our team qualifies your referral to make sure
they can benefit from Korridor.

You earn rewards

Once they sign-up with Korridor you will get rewarded.


for sending a legitimate lead that registers with Korridor.


when the new registration transacts on the Korridor platform.


for companies with more than 100 trucks, upon successful registration.


for companies with more than 100 trucks that transact on the Korridor platform.

You earn rewards

Get your referral incentive paid out in one of the following formats:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Cash Payout: Collections from the Korridor Dar es Salaam office
  • Korridor Wallet*: As a Korridor registered customer, you opt to have the money can be loaded to your Korridor wallet

*This option includes a bonus $1000 incentive

Terms & Conditions:

The referral program is exclusive to businesses signing-up who are based in or travel through Tanzania.
Referrals must be legitimate leads of transport companies operating cross-border routes. The referred
company must agree to a scheduled appointment for initial assessment to qualify for the $50 payment.
Successful registration and completion of a transaction are necessary to qualify for the full incentive amount.
Payments will be processed within [specified timeframe] after the successful completion of the qualifying
actions. Korridor reserves the right to amend or terminate the referral program at any time without prior
notice. Referrers must adhere to ethical practices and avoid spamming or misleading tactics to qualify for
incentives. Korridor will conduct periodic reviews to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of referrals.

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